Handy Tips When Choosing Kitchen Floor Tiles

The tiles you choose for a kitchen floor need to be very durable, as the kitchen's floor may see the most abuse of any surface in the home. Not only will a kitchen floor suffer a high amount of foot traffic, but it also needs to resist stains from food and drink spills. That tile also needs to be safe for walking, and especially as humidity and moisture settles onto its surface. Read More 

Determining Timber Floor Issues and How to Fix Them

For a long time, timber floors have been a highly desirable material in most homes. They are durable, stylish and comfortable to walk on. They're also highly customisable because they can fit into many different types of home d├ęcor. However, timber floors do tend to undergo wear and tear after some time. It may take a long time, but eventually the floorboards may need to be repaired/replaced, and the floor may need to be re-stabilized. Read More 

5 Things You Should Consider Before Building a Deck

Decking is an ideal way of extending your home living space. Building a deck can not only improve the appearance of your home but can also make financial sense. However, before embarking on this project, there are things you ought to consider. This article outlines five of them. 1.     Location Location planning is one of the most first important steps to take before building a deck. This is because the location of your deck should give you a perfect advantage of the midday or the evening sun. Read More 

Benefits of Cleaning and Restoring the Flooring in Your Home

When it comes to your home's flooring, you may not give much thought as to how you keep it clean, other than vacuuming the carpeting and mopping the tiles once or twice per week. However, a deep cleaning and restoration of flooring surfaces can offer many benefits, some of which you may easily overlook. Note a few of those benefits here, so you can know the best way to care for your home's flooring, and why you should have this cleaning and restoration done on a regular basis. Read More 

Need a Brighter Kitchen? Use These Four Tiling Tricks to Help Make it Happen

One of the most common kitchen complaints is a lack of natural light. As such, plenty of people renovating their kitchens make decisions based around bringing more light into the room. If you're one of those people, you really need to think about how you're going to tile the floor. After all, the flooring covers more space than the backsplash, cabinets, and benchtops, so the tiles you use and how you use them makes a huge difference to the amount of natural light you'll enjoy. Read More