Benefits of Cleaning and Restoring the Flooring in Your Home

When it comes to your home's flooring, you may not give much thought as to how you keep it clean, other than vacuuming the carpeting and mopping the tiles once or twice per week. However, a deep cleaning and restoration of flooring surfaces can offer many benefits, some of which you may easily overlook. Note a few of those benefits here, so you can know the best way to care for your home's flooring, and why you should have this cleaning and restoration done on a regular basis.

 Steaming tiles

Most floor tiles, even solid stone, will have tiny pits and grooves along their surface; without them, those tiles would be very slick and downright dangerous for walking. However, those pits and grooves can hold dirt and grime that isn't removed by regular mopping, as well as leftover cleaning solutions that don't get rinsed away, and which also collect and hold dirt. This built-up dirt and grime can then wear down the surface of the tile, so that it will need to be replaced sooner than it should. A steam clean of floor tile can loosen and remove this dirt, along with any build-up of cleaning products.

Carpet cleaning

You may know that shampooing carpets will remove lots of built-up dirt, but you may not realize that it can also remove mould and mildew that grows along the carpet backing and padding. A professional clean can also restore a carpet's colour, so that it looks lighter and brighter. Delicate carpeting may also need regular cleaning so that silk thread and other such materials don't begin to unravel or shred because of ground-in dirt, so a professional cleaning will restore the colour and appearance and also protect the value of such pieces.

Sanding and polishing wood floors

Wood floors will usually have a sealant or top coat that protects the wood, but which can wear down over time, so that the timber itself may be prone to water damage as well as chips and dents. That worn sealant can also hold more dirt, which can also damage the wood. Sanding the floors allows you to add a fresh coat of sealant, or you can even repaint or re-stain the wood a new colour. This can allow you to paint the floors a dark mahogany shade for an upscale look, or tone down the colour if you want to brighten and lighten a room. Adding fresh sealant over that paint or stain, or just over bare, polished wood, will also protect the timber from future damage.