Handy Tips When Choosing Kitchen Floor Tiles

The tiles you choose for a kitchen floor need to be very durable, as the kitchen's floor may see the most abuse of any surface in the home. Not only will a kitchen floor suffer a high amount of foot traffic, but it also needs to resist stains from food and drink spills. That tile also needs to be safe for walking, and especially as humidity and moisture settles onto its surface. Along with all these needs, you also want kitchen floor tiles that are attractive. To find the right tile for your kitchen floor, note a few handy tips to remember before you head out to the home improvement supply store.

Kitchen colour

Note the overall colour or colours in your kitchen when choosing tile, as you need to ensure the floor will coordinate and complement those colours. For example, if your kitchen cabinets are white and the benchtop and wall paint don't offer much colour or contrast, you might need a floor tile with a darker colour or busier pattern, so that the kitchen doesn't seem overly sterile. On the other hand, if there is a strong pattern to the benchtops and splashback tiles, and the cabinets are a very dark colour, a dark floor tile may make the kitchen seem cave like. Remember that a kitchen floor design or colour will be very dominant once those tiles are installed, so choose something that complements the other colours in the space.


If the kitchen doesn't get much natural sunlight and the overhead fixture is a bit dim and dull, you'll want to avoid darker floor tiles with a dull, matte finish; instead, choose a tile with a glazed finish. On the other hand, a glazed tile can look too bright and even wet when exposed to lots of overhead light, so a dull stone or timber-look tile can be better for kitchens with lots of windows or a large overhead light fixture.


Because kitchen floor tiles are meant to be very durable, they may outlast the wall paint and even the cabinets and benchtop in the kitchen. This is why it's good to consider tiles that are somewhat neutral and that offer versatility when it comes to their overall style. A stone floor in a neutral beige or tan can work with dark brown or bright white cabinets, as an example. Timber-look tiles can work with a modern kitchen with lots of steel and glass, or a traditional kitchen with dark wood cabinets, so they can also be a versatile choice.