Design Ideas for Installing Carpet in Your Home

When selecting the carpet for your home, you need to carefully choose its colour and texture to suit your space. How a carpet appears depends on the surrounding hues and the light, both natural and artificial, so take a carpet sample home if you can and view it in the intended room. To help you arrive at the best option, consider the following ideas.

Go with Neutral Carpet

If you love to decorate your home with bold wall colours and furnishings, you could install a neutral carpet that provides a background canvas to highlight those other elements. Neutral carpet offers long term benefits as you can redecorate and repaint a room countless times, knowing that your colour choices won't clash against the flooring. Neutrals, thus, offer a versatile design option. 

Neutral carpet can also help to make a room appear more spacious. Against fawn walls, you could lay a similarly toned carpet. By repeating a like hue and minimising contrasts, you'll create a more seamless transition that makes a room appear larger. 

As far as neutrals go, you don't have to stick with browns. You could install any shade of grey carpet for a contemporary feel. Rich deep charcoal brings out jewel furnishing colours like red, green, or yellow. Grey also harmonises perfectly with navy for a stunning effect. 

Pick Bold Carpet

When looking for carpet for one room rather than an open plan living area, you could go bold with your carpet choice and make a statement. For instance, select an animal print, a bright colour, or a textured carpet that mixes loop and cut pile to create a pattern. You could install multi-coloured frieze carpet, reminiscent of 70s shag pile. 

Select Geometric Patterns

Tiles can create endless geometrical patterns across a floor, and you can choose a carpet that echoes the look. For instance, classic chevron-patterned carpets make beautiful flooring using shades of grey or beige to create the design. Other possibilities include chain-link and stripes. By using monotones, the patterns give the carpet a textured feel that bright colour contrasts would overshadow.

When planning your carpet installation, consider the area and the rest of the decor. In a closed room, you have the freedom to go with a bold design that might overpower an open plan living area. Also, the surrounding wall and furnishings provide the context for the carpet. In a bright environment, you might prefer a neutral carpet. Otherwise, you could create a statement piece out of your flooring.

Contact a local carpet installation service for more information.