How to Choose a Carpet When You Have a Cat

Cats really enjoy wooden floors. Some love to skid around the floor when they are playing. You may not be so happy at the damage they cause when they put out their claws to stop or bang into something and damage it.

If you're tired of your cat using the floor as a skating rink, then you may have decided to put down a carpet. However, it's important to choose the right carpet when you have a cat at home. What should you look out for?

Avoid Loops and Tufts

It's better to pick a dense carpet that isn't tufted or looped. The shorter the pile, the better.

The problem that cats have with carpets that have long tufts or loops is that these look like fun. If your cat is easily bored or has a bit of the devil in it, then it may see the carpet as a toy.

Cats love to mess around with wool and string. They're also generally quite intelligent. For example, it won't take your cat long to spot loops on the carpet. Once it knows they are there, it will pick at them with its claws.

If this happens often enough, your cat could pull the loops up or break them. This isn't a good look on a carpet. So, a shorter piled carpet is less of a plaything for your pet.

Think About Colour

Some people choose a carpet that matches the colour of their cat. For example, if you have a tabby, then any fur they shed on a brown carpet won't stand out so much. It'll blend in more than if you have a cream carpet, for example.

While this reduces the amount of time you have to spend cleaning cat hair off your carpet, it doesn't always work. You may not want a carpet in the colour of your cat. For example, if you have a ginger cat, then an orange carpet could be a step too far.

Stains are another issue. If there is a chance that your cat will throw up in the room or wee on the carpet, then you need a colour that won't show the damage after you clean things up. Patterned carpets hide a multitude of sins and darker colours also clean up better.

Talk to a local carpet company before you choose a carpet. They can give you advice on carpets that can withstand devilish pets and ones that are easiest to keep clean.