3 Ways To Make Your Carpet Choice Child Proof

Choosing carpets can be difficult in normal circumstances, but it's even harder to finalise a decision when you're worried about what your rambunctious kids are going to do once it is freshly installed in your home. While there's no miracle solution, some ideas can help you make your carpet more child proof. Here they are:

Choose Darker Colours To Cover Blemishes And Stains

When you have kids, you can expect them to drop food, paint, juices and all sorts of things on your carpets. You may not be able to imagine it when the kids are small, but they can be a real handful when they become mobile toddlers, and your carpets will bear the brunt of their feistiness. You can change your wall colours without too much of a problem, but you can't keep changing your carpet. The best thing to do with small kids is to choose darker colours that can hide stains and blemishes more easily. If you think the space is too dull, dress it up with bright wall art and furniture pieces—but let the carpet colours remain darker to conceal imperfections.

Make Sure The Carpet Is Maintenance Friendly

Some carpets are easier to maintain than others, so you will want to choose something that is easier to clean and maintain. Kids tend to dirty carpets easily, and you don't want this dirt to remain embedded in the carpet fibres because this could trigger conditions like asthma. Wool is a lovely carpet material, but it is harder to maintain than others because dirt is not easy to remove. Nylon is perhaps a good choice because it can easily be cleaned and stains can be removed with bleach cleaning products without fading the colour. This is a good carpet choice for high-traffic areas and rooms where kids spend a lot of time.

Choose Softer Carpets To Cushion Falls

Keep in mind that kids tend to fall over easily, especially when they are playing and aren't thinking of the consequences. In order to keep them as safe as possible, you'll want to choose carpets that are softer underfoot because this could cushion falls more easily. Cut pile carpets tend to be softer for children to play or crawl on, so you may want to incorporate them into your home. Loop pile carpets are generally not as soft as cut pile.

Choosing the right carpet when you have kids is important because you don't want to end up replacing it too often. Contact a carpet installation professional for additional information.