What Makes Carpet Tiles a Great Flooring Option for Homes?

If you have ever tried walking on a cold stone floor, you know the benefits of installing a carpet in your home. Rugs feel soft to the feet, and they insulate the floor to create the feeling of warmth. However, when it comes to purchasing this floor covering, most people settle for the standard broadloom rolls. What they don't know is that there is a better alternative to the conventional carpeting. This is the carpet that comes in the form of tiles rather than one large roll. Carpet tiles are the in-thing when it comes to choosing floor coverings today, and this article will tell you why you need to select this option over the traditional carpets.

Save time and cost on installations

Carpets are a great investment that often requires a substantial amount of money during purchase and installation. What's more, if the house has various nooks, you will have to take floor measurements and appropriately cut the carpet to ensure proper installation. This can take up a lot of time and increase the overall costs of laying down the floor covering. However, with carpet tiles, this cost can be significantly reduced. Since the carpet comes in tile form, it is easy to install. Cutting the tiles to fit the nooks and irregularly shaped areas is also easier as compared to cutting the broadloom rolls, and this results in time savings during the installation process.

Explore different designs

Unless your broadloom carpet is custom-made, you have minimal influence on its design. Sometimes you are forced to settle for a rug that is close to what you want. That's why you need to switch to carpet tiling. This invention allows you to enjoy design flexibility. You can choose tiles in varying colors and patterns to meet your preferences. During installation, you can lay the tiles in different configurations by adding accent tiles or creating contrast with various designs. This can significantly improve the visual appeal of the room.

Enjoy long-lasting carpets

The conventional broadloom carpets that come with a hard backing are not as durable as carpet tiles. First, tiles can be made using a cushion backing that will last for years without showing signs of physical wear. What's more, the cushion protects the fibers from premature wear; hence, preserving the appearance of your carpet. If a portion of the mat is stained or damaged, you can easily replace the affected tile. This is easier and more affordable as compared to repairing or replacing the conventional carpets.

Carpet tiles come with numerous advantages as compared to the traditional carpeting options. Talk to an expert so that they can help you choose modular carpet tiles for your home.