Tips for Cleaning Laminate Flooring

There are many different kinds of flooring for homeowners to choose from, including good old carpet and hardwood floors. One of the most desirable of all flooring materials, however, is the laminate variety, and one of the chief advantages of this type of flooring is how easy it is to care for and maintain. Laminate flooring requires very little ongoing maintenance or care, but it is important to use the right products and the right cleaning techniques to keep it looking its best year after year.

In most cases laminate flooring will use only the simplest of materials and supplies to keep clean. In most cases all that will be needed is a soft-headed brush or a clean cloth that has been slightly dampened. After the floor has been carefully brushed or wiped with the cloth, it should be vacuumed, starting around the edges of the room and working inward.

In addition to these simple cleaning supplies, there are a number of commercial products designed to make the cleaning of laminate flooring even easier. For instance, there are a variety of specially designed and treated cleaning pads designed to do the same job as a traditional mop without the hassle or the mess. These special cleaning wands are designed with replaceable wipes, which can be easily replaced as they become soiled.

While these cleaning wands can be very convenient, they can also be much more expensive than traditional damp mops. If cost is a concern, a damp mop can easily be used to clean the laminate flooring. When damp mopping the laminate floor it is important not to use too much water, as the water could potentially seep under the floor and cause the floor to buckle.

It is also important to avoid the use of strong detergents or harsh chemicals whenever possible. If the laminate floor becomes stained, it can often be cleaned with just warm water. Again, it is important to avoid using too much water, wetting only enough to remove the stain form the floor.

If more cleaning is needed, a mild and non-abrasive cleaner can be used to remove the rest of the stain. If a large area is stained, the stain can be removed using a damp mop, along with a mixture of vinegar and water, or an ammonia based laminate flooring cleaner.

When choosing a commercial laminate flooring cleaner, it is important to avoid the use of soap-based cleansers whenever possible. Soap-based cleaners can dull the finish of laminate flooring over time; it is generally better to use citrus-based cleansers instead in order to maintain the good looks of the flooring.