How Well Do You Know Your Timber Floors? Australian Timber Species Explained

Timber flooring is available in a wide range of species, each with its unique blend of colour and character. Australia is fortunate enough to have a huge range of beautiful native timbers, from the deep reds of the Red Mahogany to the golden hues of the Tasman Oak. If you are considering laying timber floors in your home, here are some of the most used breeds of Australian timber.

Australian Beech

This is one of the most sought-after hardwoods in Australia. Its renowned for its beautiful blend of light coloured highland timbers. Its colouring varies from pale brown and golden hues to a light cream.


Karri, one of Australia's tallest trees, is an extremely hardwearing hardwood and has a high density. Although considered a blond timber, it ranges in colours from deep reddish browns to soft pinks. With its even texture and interlocking grain, a karri floor reflects light to give great lustre and highlight its natural characteristics.


Mainly found in Western Australia, Jarrah is the to go species due to its beautiful rich red colour that deepens over time into a soft burgundy. It's well known for its hardness and resistance to insect attack.


Timber from the Blackbutt tree is a light pale straw that is hard and versatile. Blackbutt's colour ranges from cream to pale brown with a slight hint of pink.


Messmate is a well-known hardwood that has been used in a variety of timber applications for decades. It has lovely growth rings and its rich in both detail and texture. The natural colour variation of Messmate is pale browns through to light yellows.

 New England Oak

The most appealing attributes of this timber flooring are the pale and airy mid tones that give you an authentic finish. If you are looking for a more traditional look and feel to your floors, this is the timber for you.

Red Mahogany

Just as the name suggests, Red Mahogany is an extremely dense timber with a stunning rich red colour. Its timber floors have become prestigious due to its density and rare colouring.

Spotted Gum

An extremely hardy, durable and tough timber, Spotted Gum is one of the most sought-after Australian flooring timber. Its colour varies from deep chocolate brown, stunning blondes to rich reds and olive-green tinge.

Tasmanian Oak

Tasmanian Oak timber produces enviable tones in a floor with unrivalled level of timeless beauty, warmth, and durability. Its colour ranges from pale cream to pink and reddish brown.


Tallowwood is an original Australian hardwood timber species suited for high-end timber flooring. It has golden yellow toning with a hint of olive green and beautiful growth rings.

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