Hardwood Flooring Supplies: What Should You Consider When Making an Order?

If you are planning on installing new flooring in your home, you should consider choosing hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring has warm and natural aesthetic appeal which works well in every type of residential design. Also, this material is highly durable. You will appreciate long service life from your new flooring after installation. In general, there are numerous types of wooden flooring products which are suitable for your home. Therefore, choosing the best items as a first-time purchaser can be difficult. Here are critical factors to help you select the best hardwood flooring timber supplies.

Hardwood Species

When ordering your flooring material, you should specify the wood species. The species refers to the type of tree from which the lumber was harvested. This factor is important because it determines the appearance of the boards. In simple terms, each type of wood has unique characteristics with regard to colour, grain and imperfections. You should compare the choices available and find the most appropriate match for your home style and preference. You should note that your wood species choice will affect the total cost of the flooring materials. For example, exotic species will often be more expensive than home-grown alternatives. So, you should remember to check the price of the lumber when comparing the visual and performance properties.

Solid or Engineered Wood

Solid hardwood floors are popular because the material is manufactured using pure wood. The authenticity of this choice will ensure optimal appeal of your new flooring. Also, the new floor will increase the value of your home exponentially. On the other hand, solid wood is vulnerable to water exposure and general changes in humidity. Also, the material is quite expensive to purchase. Engineered hardwood is an excellent alternative to solid wood. This choice has exceptional performance properties, and the cost is considerably lower. The price benefits can be attributed to the fact that only a veneer of hardwood is used. The core is made from manufactured materials such as plywood. The right choice between solid and engineered wood will depend on your preferences and budget.

Finished or Unfinished Wood

When purchasing wood for flooring purposes, you can select finished or unfinished wood. As implied, finished products are sanded and sealed with a protective coating in a factory. This option is convenient because there will be no additional finishing processes required after purchase. The flooring planks will only need installation before use. Unfinished planks are ideal if you want to choose a custom finishing technique or coating product.