Why Should You Seek Out Dustless Floor Sanding Services?

One of the benefits of timber floors is that they can be sanded down and refinished every few years to produce a like-new appearance, free from any scratches and abrasions. That's great, but you'll want to make sure you consider the different kinds of sanders that can be used. If you go with a professional, it's a good idea to request dustless floor sanding.

Of course, no floor sanding can ever truly be 'dustless'. What dustless floor sanding actually means is that the sanding machine uses an extraction unit that instantly sucks up dust and traps it, just like a vacuum cleaner.

Here are just a few reasons why using dustless floor sanding services make sense.

Reduced Preparation and Clean-Up

One of the annoyances that comes with floor sanding is the time and effort needed to prepare your home. When you know all that dust is going to be produced, you need to cover everything from electronic equipment to furniture to bookcases, and it can take quite a long time. When you opt for dustless sanding, it's a task you won't need to worry about.

And, even more attractive is the idea of having virtually zero cleaning required after the floor has been sanded. No dust particles will be left in the air to fall onto your furnishings and become embedded in your carpet, and none will drift out into other rooms, possibly getting into areas you didn't think to protect.

Eliminate Risk of Damage

You might think that dust cannot damage your property. Okay, it isn't going to break down any walls, but it can get into your air conditioning system, clogging the filters as it does so. This can reduce their effectiveness and potentially lead to a breakdown and the need for expensive repairs.

And it isn't just your air conditioning that can be affected. Say you forget to completely cover up an expensive television set or stereo system; dust can fall in through the ventilation shafts and potentially cause those expensive electronics to break.

No Health Issues

If you suffer from allergies, it's possible that the increased amount of dust in the air after traditional floor sanding can see you sneezing and itching. This is partly due to the wood dust itself, but it's also down to the fact that that dust will often be imbedded with allergens once trapped along your flooring. In some cases, an excessive amount of dust in the air can even cause or worsen serious health issues.